Silver Hollow-Ware

Hollow-ware, or holloware, is a term which refers to any item related to a dinner service which is not considered dishware or flatware. The traditional gift for a 16th wedding anniversary, typical examples of hollow-ware include jugs and pots. Silver hollow-ware has existed for hundreds of years, mostly remaining in the upper classes, though it is now an affordable luxury and collectible for many. At Steppes Hill Farm Antiques we have a diverse collection of hollow-ware available to purchase, including sauce boats, cream jugs, coasters, tankards, coffee pots and coasters, which are both functional and decorative. We are happy to offer our expert advice on buying and collecting any of our antique silver hollow-ware.

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Cecil Frederick Colyer, London 1968
Helena Mary Ibbotson, Sheffield 1934
Henry Chawner 1792
David Andersen, Norway 1930
Robert Hennell I 1789
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