Silver Objects & Collectibles

On this page a number of miscellaneous antique silver objects and collectibles which are available for sale at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques, which do not fit into any other singular category. From the novelty to the functional, this diverse array of various items showcases the versatility of silver and its illustriousness across many applications, and each of these items would make a fantastic addition to any antique or silver collection. We would be glad to provide extra information and offer expert advice on any of our antique silver collectible items, either online or here at the Farm.

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William Hornby, London 1908
J C Vickery, London 1916
Sampson Mordan & Co, Chester 1907
Sampson Mordan & Co, Chester 1912
Henry George Murphy, London 1932 - 1933
Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1839
Bernard Instone, Birmingham 1930
William Leuchars, London 1888
Alexander Macrae, London 1867
Edward. H. Stockwell, London 1873
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