Silver Pepper Pots / Shakers

Pepper pots or shakers are used both to store pepper and to sprinkle it over dishes, and are still ubiquitous with the dinner table today. Though pepper pots are mostly made from ceramic, there are a range of fine examples made from silver, with many made in a novelty design much like their ceramic counterparts. The Victorians and Edwardians in particular favoured these novelties, often realistically cast in the form of animals or birds and Steppes Hill Farm Antiques has a number of these antique silver pepper pots and shakers for sale dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We would be glad to advise on any of these items in our collection.

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Jane Brownett, London 1890
Edward. H. Stockwell, London 1876
Charles & George Fox, London 1856
Henry William Dee, London 1879
William Edward Hurcomb, London 1906
Francis Higgins, London 1938
George Fox, London 1895
Horace Woodward & Co, London 1896
W H & S, Edinburgh 1926
H V Pithey & Co, Birmingham 1910
J B Hennell, London 1879
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