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Early 20th Century Large Silver & Enamel Dual Compartment Vesta Case MATCHES & FUSEES
An early 20th century large and heavy quality silver and enamel dual compartment Vesta Case, of plain rounded rectangular form with attached suspension ring, the striker plate to one side, two sprung hinged lids, one at either end enamelled in red for "Fusees" and blue for 2Matches2, silver gilt interiors.

By Henry Wells Chester, 1912
Price £850.00
Condition In good condition with no damage or repair
Height 60  mm (2.36 inches)
Width 48  mm (1.89 inches)
Depth 16  mm (0.63 inches)
Weight 76.00 Grams (2.44 troy ounces)
Country England
Stock Code CH00237E
Medium Silver
Literature A fusee is a large headed match (supposedly capable of staying alight in wind and rain) that was commonly used to light cigars and pipes.


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