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George V Silver & Enamel H.M.Bateman Cartoon Snuff Box
A rare early 20th century silver and enamel Snuff Box of rectangular form with engine turned base and sides, the lid inset with an enamel panel depicting a satirical cartoon by H M Bateman. Hinged lid and silver gilt interior.

By H.C.Freeman, London 1930 (Import marks)
Price £1450.00
Condition In fine condition with no damage or repair.
Height 10  mm (0.39 inches)
Width 79  mm (3.11 inches)
Depth 51  mm (2.01 inches)
Weight 102.00 Grams (3.28 troy ounces)
Country England
Stock Code DC190916B
Medium Silver & Enamel
Literature Henry Mayo Bateman (15 February 1887 – 11 February 1970, Gozo) was a British humorous artist and cartoonist.
H. M. Bateman was noted for his "The Man Who..." series of cartoons, featuring comically exaggerated reactions to minor and usually upper-class social gaffes, such as "The Man Who Lit His Cigar Before the Royal Toast", "The Man Who Threw a Snowball at St. Moritz" and "The Boy Who Breathed on the Glass at the British Museum."


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