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Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Silver Bookmark
S MORDAN & CO 1896
A good Victorian parcel gilt silver Bookmark, the terminal formed as a bust of Queen Victoria in silver gilt. Made to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Victoria 1n 1897.

By Sampson Mordan, London, 1896
Price £300.00    (This item has been sold)
Condition In good condition with no damage or repair
Height 87  mm (3.43 inches)
Width 20  mm (0.79 inches)
Weight 7.70 Grams (0.25 troy ounces)
Country England
Stock Code TRS000000787A
Medium Silver
Literature Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee of 1897 was both a more restrained and a far grander celebration of her reign than the Golden Jubilee of the previous decade. The Queen’s own involvement was greatly diminished on account of her increasing frailty. As an example of alterations in ceremony, the thanksgiving service took place not in Westminster Cathedral, but in the open outside St Paul’s Cathedral, so that the Queen could remain in her carriage. The scope of the celebrations, however, expanded considerably for the Diamond Jubilee, with a celebration of empire becoming arguably the central theme: ‘unlike the Golden Jubilee, which had placed Victoria and her family at the centre of the festivities, the Diamond Jubilee would focus almost exclusively on a celebration of the British Empire’


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