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Victorian Novelty Silver & Enamel Paint Tube Scent Bottle
A rare Victorian novelty silver Scent Bottle made in the form of a Tube of Vandyke Brown Paint, with enameled label and screw-off cap.

By Walter Thornhill, London, 1886
Price £2500.00
Condition In good condition with no damage or repair
Height 73  mm (2.87 inches)
Width 30  mm (1.18 inches)
Depth 19  mm (0.75 inches)
Weight 34.00 Grams (1.09 troy ounces)
Country England
Stock Code CH00268B
Medium Silver
Literature Van Dyke brown, also known as Cassel earth or Cologne earth, is a dark brown colour named after the painter Anthony van Dyck.

The colour was first made from peat or soil, and has been applied as both watercolour and oil paints. Currently, the colour is made from an asphalt-like black pigment combined with iron oxide. This replicates the colour of the original iron oxide-rich earth found in Cassel and Cologne, Germany.


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