Also known as china or fine china, named after the birthplace of porcelain, porcelain has been made in the UK since the eighteenth century. Porcelain is defined as a ceramic piece made with kaolin clay, which was first brought to Europe by the Portuguese, with many English factories using a soft paste to make their porcelain. Steppes Hill Farm Antiques stocks a range of fine antique porcelain pieces from both the early English and Regency periods, dating from around 1745 to 1830, made in factories such as those in Bow, Chelsea, Derby, Worcester, Liverpool, Swansea and Vauxhall among others. Our antique porcelain makes for a fine gift or an excellent addition to any antique or porcelain collection, and with over fifty years’ experience in the antiques business, we are happy to offer you our expert advice on any of our antique porcelain collectibles available at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques.

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