Antique Silver Bookmarks

Antique silver Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are shaped like knives or swords because at the turn of the century, many pages in books were not completely separated, so they were also used as paper cutters. Other pieces are figural, composed of animals and busts of famous people. They were used not only for function, but also as a display of wealth. Solid silver was a highly desirable material which transformed the antique silver bookmark into a status symbol, making them the coveted collectors’ items that they are today. Ranging from traditional to novelty in design, our collection showcases the finest antique silver bookmarks from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries available in the UK.

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Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1904
Adie & Lovekin, Birmingham 1902
Sampson Mordan, Chester 1908
Stokes & Ireland, Chester 1925
Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1894
John William Barrett, Birmingham 1907
Sampson Mordan, London 1894
Sampson Mordan, London 1896
John Millward Banks, London 1897
Saunders & Shepherd, Chester 1895
Saunders & Shepherd, Chester 1897
SAMPSON MORDAN & CO, London 1893
Sampson Mordan & Co 1894
SAMPSON MORDAN & CO, London 1920
William Hutton, Sheffield & Birmingham 1926
SAMPSON MORDAN & CO, London 1895
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