Silver Flatware

Flatware is a term often used to encompass all kinds of antique silver cutlery, from teaspoons to toasting forks. Many were made for purposes which are now deemed obsolete, such as spinach forks, which make them even more desirable among collectors of antique silver and flatware. With flatware, the pattern and maker can sometimes be more important than the item’s age, especially if the item is handmade with a bespoke design. Here at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques, we stock a range of flatware from the Georgian and Victorian eras, specialising in the unusual or rare patterns and makers including Scottish and Irish examples. We would be glad to offer you our expert advice on any of our items.

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Guild of Handicrafts Ltd, London 1906
Thomas Johnson, London 1881
G L Connell Ltd, London 1913
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