Silver Scent Bottles

Scent bottles, or perfume bottles, have been about since Egyptian times, when they were crafted from wood, and continued to be a luxury item for the upper classes over thousands of years. When perfume was sold as a luxury across Europe, it was often sold in plain bottles and then poured into a decorative bottle at home. Steppes Hill Farm Antiques has a number of antique silver perfume bottles from the seventeenth century through to the twentieth century for sale, many of which are combined with glass, and we are glad to advise you on any of our collectibles.

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Thomas Johnson, London 1887
Saunders & Shepherd, Birmingham 1889
Edwin Culver, London 1877
Sampson Mordan, Chester 1906
SAMPSON MORDAN & CO, London 1873
Cocks & Bettridge, Birmingham 1800
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