Silver Vesta Cases

Vesta cases, which also go by the name of vesta boxes, matchsafes and pocket matchsafes, were used to stores vestas (short matches) and to keep them dry so that they were able to light when struck. They were first made in the 1830s, with their heyday being between 1890 and 1920, when everyone kept a vesta box to hand, though while the poor had boxes made from tin, the vesta boxes of the wealthy were made from gold and silver. Most vesta boxes had a ribbed surface on the bottom so that the owner could also strike the matches kept inside, while some also include cigar cutters and small knife blades. Steppes Hill Farm Antiques stocks a variety of antique silver vesta cases from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, specialising in enamel, novelty and engraved designs.

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John Millward Banks, Chester 1905
Robert Chandler, Birmingham 1908
James Barclay Hennell, London 1881
Henry Williamson Ltd, Birmingham 1906
John Millward Banks, Birmingham
A J Zimmermann, Birmingham 1906
W.G.Keight, Birmingham 1907
Haseler & Bill, Birmingham 1923
Murrle Bennet & Co, London 1904
Thomas Acott & Co, Birmingham 1896
S Bros, Birmingham 1906
William Oliver, Birmingham 1887
SAMPSON MORDAN & CO, London 1892
Moritz Wolfsky, London 1889
Brownett & Jones, London 1882
Thomas Acott & Co, Birmingham 1894
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