Antique Silver Wine Labels

Here at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques, we have a wide range of antique silver wine labels available from English, Scottish and Irish makers, dating from between the mid eighteenth and the early twentieth century. Throughout the ages, the design of wine labels has often reflected the trends of the art movements of the time. Early silver wine labels from between around 1730-1770 reflected the rococo movement, decorated with cherubs and scrolls, with the designs from the following neo-classical period taking on a more elegant form. The Regency period between 1800 and 1830 built upon this, with silversmiths making highly ornate and heavy cast silver wine labels. The Victorian period saw more of a variety of designs, becoming scarcer after the 1860s, when wine bottles started to be sold with paper labels, and now, in the current Modern era, silversmiths create ever more striking designs to continue the legacy. As well as being highly decorative, our antique silver wine labels are also highly desirable collectors’ items, and are a perfect fit for any antique or wine label collection.

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Margaret Binley, London c1765
James McKay, Edinburgh c1820
Phipps & Robinson, London 1792
Henry Flavelle, Dublin c1830
James Hyde, London c1799
Thomas Hyde, London 1765
Taylor & Perry, Birmingham 1836
Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1795
Henry Flavelle, Dublin c1810
John Teare, Dublin c1800
William Welch, Exeter c1810
John Reily, London 1813
Francis Howden, Edinburgh c1800
James Walter Marshall, Edinburgh c1845
Benjamin Tait, Dublin c1790
Hester Bateman, London c1790
John Reily, London 1825
Benjamin Tait, Dublin c1790
Richard Binley, London c1760
Henry Flavelle, Dublin c1835
Robert Garrard I, London 1804
James Lamb Whitehaven, Newcastle c1750
John Teare, Dublin c1800
John Harvey I, London c1739
John Reily, London 1801
Sandilands Drinkwater, London c1750
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