Antique Silver Boxes

Here at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques we have an excellent collection of high-quality antique solid silver boxes and snuff boxes in particular are a favourite. The consumption of tobacco in the form of powdered snuff was introduced to Britain from France in the early 1600’s and before long an elaborate ritual was established. This was a curious combination of gracefulness, politeness and practicality. It was hoped that tobacco in the form of snuff would conquer a multitude of ailments ranging from migraine to the plague, but silver snuff boxes really came to prominence in the mid to late eighteenth century when the ‘toy-makers’ of Birmingham produced many thousands of snuff boxes. At the beginning of the 19th century snuff taking was perhaps at its peak and some fine examples date to this period including the so called ‘Castle Top’ boxes made by Nathaniel Mills amongst others. As well as specialising in snuff boxes, we also sell a fine collection of card boxes and cigar and cigarette cases. All of our silver boxes are available for sale here in the UK or via our web site.

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Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1839
William Knight, London 1839
James Geraghty, London 1969
Garrard & Co, Ltd, Birmingham 1993
Phipps & Robinson, London 1785
H Dawson (Wilkinson & Co), Sheffield 1836
John William Barrett, Birmingham 1926
David Andersen, Norway 1930
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