Folding Fruit Knives & Forks

The folding fruit knife and fork were first produced in England in the late eighteenth century, and while they are less common today, they still remain highly coveted among antique collectors. The first folding fruit knife was developed from the penknife, becoming highly popular among the French aristocracy before spreading across Europe, where its popularity took off in the UK especially due to its versatility. Due to its resistance to the citric acid from the fruits, silver was the best material to make fruit knives and forks from, and it also has anti-microbial qualities which kill bacteria, making them very hygienic to use. Steppes Hill Farm Antiques stocks a range of folding fruit knives and forks from the eighteenth and nineteenth century for your perusal.

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Edmund Bell, Sheffield 1886
George Unite, Birmingham 1859
Martin Hall & Co, Sheffield 1865
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