Silver Stamp Cases & Boxes

Stamp cases first came about with the invention of the stamp in 1840, however, they initially faced limited popularity as one still had to go to a post office to post a letter. Following the introduction of post boxes in the 1870s, the popularity of stamp cases rose significantly as people kept their stamps at home. They enjoyed a relatively short period of production however and were largely superseded by stamp booklets and the like following the First World War, but still remain popular among both stamp and antique collectors today. As well as having a number of fine examples of antique silver stamp boxes and cases from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for sale, Steppes Hill Farm Antiques also stocks other antique silver postal memorabilia such stamp dispensers and postal scales.

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A J Zimmerman, Birmingham 1909
James Deakin & Sons, Chester 1902
Robert Hennell IV, London 1869
Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1910
Grey & Co, Birmingham 1889
C H Dumenil, London 1894
Gourdel Vales, & Co, Birmingham 1903
William Thorneycroft, Birmingham 1901
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd 1905
The Thomae Company, Massachusetts c1932
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