Silver Vinaigrettes

Used throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras by the upper classes, vinaigrettes are a product of a time which lacked hygiene and sanitation. They consisted of a hinged box which contained a sponge dipped in scented oil with a sweet aroma, and was used for smelling especially while travelling, as the streets and travelling companions would often smell. Steppes Hill Farm Antiques stocks a range of fine antique silver vinaigrettes for sale, with many sporting novelty designs or in particular those engraved or embossed with famous buildings or landmarks, known as “Castle Tops”. We would be glad to offer our expert advice on any of our antique collectibles, either online or in person.

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Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1847
Henry William Dee, London 1872
Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1846
Matthew Linwood, Birmingham 1818
James Naismith, Edinburgh 1840
NATHANIEL MILLS, Birmingham 1843
M Retie & Sons, Aberdeen c1860
RICHARD SAWYER of Dublin c1810
NATHANIEL MILLS, Birmingham 1840
NATHANIEL MILLS, Birmingham 1849
TAYLOR & PERRY, Birmingham 1832
Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1843
DAVID PETTIFER, Birmingham 1850
NATHANIEL MILLS, Birmingham 1847
MATTHEW LINWOOD of birmingham 1809
Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1804
SAMUEL PEMBERTON, Birmingham 1797
MATTHEW LINWOOD of birmingham 1807
DAVID PETTIFER, Birmingham 1856
William Edwards, London 1823
Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1811
EDWARD SMITH, Birmingham 1847
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