Silver Mote Spoons

The predecessor to the caddy spoon, the mote spoon has a perforated scoop to filter and sieve loose tea from a cup. This is a throwback to the early days of tea in Britain, when it came in the form of tea leaves, and was the drink of only the very wealthy. The mote spoon also had a sharp, spiked handle, which was used to unclog any clumps of tea from a teapot spout, and was most common in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, before the caddy spoon came to take its place. These Spoons are now highly collectable, and Steppes Hill Farm Antiques stock a fine range of eighteenth century mote spoons for sale.

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N. U, London c1750
John Kentesber & Thomas Grove, London c1757
Samuel Whitford, London c1765
John Wren II, London c1777
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