George IV Combined Silver Propelling Pencil & Pen "Willmore's Defence"

Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1825
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An extremely rare and early George IV fully hallmarked silver double open ended combined Propelling Pencil and Pen with Bramah type nib holder, engine turned barrel and plain slider rings. The internal metal drive pin is hollow and clamps the lead in place allowing it to be repelled as well as propelled, a feature not found on similar Pens / Pencils by Sampson Mordan.

By Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1825.

108mm closed, 167mm open.

In 1822 Sampson Mordan & John Isaac Hawkins received (at great expense) a Royal Letters Patent for their "Ever Pointed" Propelling Pencils. This occurred despite the fact that other manufacturers (including Joseph Willmore) were already producing Pencils with similar mechanisms. Having incurred the costs and believing that they had the sole rights to produce and sell these mechanical Pencils, they naturally did not look kindly on anyone they considered were breaching their legal rights. In 1828 Sampson Mordan & Gabriel Riddle took Joseph Willmore to court. Willmore ascertained that he had "never used, imitated or counterfeited Mordan's invention". He also pointed out that the Pencils being sold by Mordan & Riddle only protruded the lead and did not draw it in. The Lord High Chancellor found in favour of Joseph Willmore.

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In good condition with a few surface dents to the barrel and in full working order
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