The A.H.(Tony) Cowdry Wine Label 'Names' Collection

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From ARBAFLOR to ZANTE, a collection of One Hundred and Twenty Antique silver Wine Labels including some extremely rare and some possibly unique names and titles. Acquired mainly over a period of approximately 11 years from 2007 to 2017 and adamantly restricted to the restrained "cut-cornered rectangular" design (surmounts grudgingly accepted). All housed in individual ‘All Round Clear’ airtight plastic boxes complete with labels detailing attributions, purchase dates, supplier and prices paid.

Although some of the more frequently encountered names on Wine Labels, such as Madeira, Port and Sherry are included, the collection is based on rare titles and includes some "prize examples".

ARBAFLOR Mathew Linwood, Birmingham, 1812
ARRACK Thomas Hyde, London, c1805
BARSAC Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1820
BORDEAUX William King, London, 1844
BRANDY Phipps & Robinson, London, 1807
BRITISH WINE William Constable, Edinburgh, 1817
BRONTE George Knight, London, 1819
BRONTI Rawlings & Summers, London, 1829
BUAL Rawlings & Summers, London, 1829
BUCELLA Thomas Ollivant, Manchester, c1797
BUCELLAS George Frederick Pinell, London, 1834
BURGUNDY John Robins, London, 1794
CALCAVELLA Phipps & Robinson, London, 1803
CALDEDONIA Elizabeth Morley, London, 1806
CARCAVELLO London 1829
CANTERIO Rawlings & Summers, London, 1853
CAPE James Jackson, London, 1804
CHAMPAGNE Phipps Robinson & Phipps, London 1814
CHERRY Elizabeth Morley, London, 1809
CHERRY BRANDY George Edwards & Son, Glasgow, 1905
CHERRY WHISKEY George Edwards & Son, Glasgow, 1905
CHICHES Susanna Barker, London, 1792
CLARET Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1792
COGNIAC Charles Rawlings, London, 1824
CONIAC James Hyde, London, 1798
CONSTANTIA William Knight, London, 1829
CORDIAL Thomas Troby, London, 1828
COWSLIP Lea & Co, Birmingham, 1821
CUR.T.WINE Elizabeth Morley, London, c1810
CURRANT Elizabeth Morley, London, 1813
CURRANT WINE Elizabeth Morley, London, 1813
RED CURRANT Thomas Gairdner, London, 1811
CYPRUS James Hyde, London, 1791
DAMSON Elizabeth Morley, London, 1811
DEMARARY Robert Gray & Sons, Glasgow (Edinburgh), 1811
ELDER Phipps, Robinson & Phipps, London, 1812
FRONTINIAC Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, c1790
GENEVA Hester Bateman, London, c1775
GIN William King, London, 1828
GINGER Elizabeth Morley, London, 1810
GINGERETTE Reily & Storer, London, 1859
GINGER WINE William Cunningham, Edinburgh, 1820
GOOSEBERRY William Bateman, London, 1822
GRAPE Thomas Robinson, London 1814
GRAVE Thomas Hyde, London, 1791
HERMITAGE Charles Rawlings, London, 1820
R.HERMITAGE Mary Hyde & John Reily, London, 1799
WHITE HERMITAGE Thomas Death, London, 1821
HIGHLANDS Elizabeth Morley, London, 1806
HOCK George Frederick Pinell, London, 1834
HOLLAND George Ferris, Exeter, c1800
HOLLANDS Elizabeth Morley, London, 1799
ITALIAN Elizabeth Morley, London, 1802
JAMAICA Robert Gray & Sons, Glasgow (Edinburgh), 1811
JOHANNESBEIRG John Reily, London, 1820
KUMEL H Thornhill, London, 1895
LACRIMA Elizabeth Morley, London, 1809
LISBON Thomas Morley, London, 1793
MADE WINE Thomas Wallis, London, 1801
MADEIRA Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, c1810
MALAGA John Rich, London, 1793
MALMSEY Thomas & James Phipps, London, 1818
MALVASIA George Smith, London, 1810
MANZINILLA George Piesse, London, 1867
MARSALA Reid & Son Newcastle, 1843
MARCELLAS Reily & Storer, London, 1830
MEDES John Reily, London, 1823
MONTESQUIEUE Thomas Mitchell, James Burden & Thomas Merrifield, Bath, assayed in London, 1831
MOSELLE George Frederick Pinell, London, 1834
MOUNTAIN Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1801
MUSCATE Josiah Snatt, London, 1804
MUSCATEL Samuel Davenport, London, 1823
MUSCATELLA Samuel Knight, London, 1815
NATIVE Phipps & Robinson, London, 1810
NOYAU John Rich, London, 1803
ORANGE Ann Robertson, Newcastle, 1801-1810
PEET REEK Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1806
PONTAC George King, London, 1821
PORT Smith & Haytor, London, 1797
LIGHT PORT George Richard Elkington, London, 1858
WHITE PORT William Johnson London, 1848
RAISIN Elizabeth Morley, London, 1813
RAISIN WINE Elizabeth Morley, London, 1814
RASBERRY William Bateman, London, 1822
RED WINE Thomas Morley, London, 1795
REHENISH James Hyde, London, 1798
RUM Elizabeth Morley, London, 1799
R Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1807
SACK Taylor & Perry, London, 1840
SANTO Phipps & Robinson, London, 1804
SAUTERNE Thomas & James Phipps, London, 1817
SCHIEDAM Phipps & Robinson, London, 1802
SCHEEDAM GENEVA Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1839
SERCIAL Thomas & James Phipps, London, 1818-1819
SIRCEAL Charles Rawlings, London, 1821
SOTERNE Unmarked, c1800
SOURING Edinburgh, c1810
SMIRNA WINE Elizabeth Morley, London, 1811
SHERRY George Ferris, Exeter, 1825
BROWN SHERRY Francis Higgins, London, 1878
DRY SHERRY George Richard Elkington, London, 1858
SHRUB Elizabeth Morley, London, 1806
SMALL BEER John Rich, London, 1802
S.WINE Makers mark only, 'DS'struck twice, c1800
SWEET WINE Robert Gray & Sons, Glasgow (Edinburgh), 1813
TENERIFFE Charles Rawlings, London, 1821
TINTA Thomas & James Phipps, London, 1818-1819
TROY James Hyde, London, 1791
VIDONA Elizabeth Morley, London, 1800
VAN.DEPUALL Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1822
VIDONIA Elizabeth Morley, London, 1810
VIN DE GRAVE John Rich, London, 1800
WHISKEY John Reily, London, 1810
WHISKY Andrew Wilkie, Edinburgh, 1820
WISKEY Peter & William Bateman, London, 1805
WIGHT Peter & Ann Bateman, London, 1793
W.WINE Thomas Wallis, London, 1806
W.TE WINE Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1826
WHITE.WINE John Rich, London, 1795
ZANTE James Atkins, London, 1814

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