Victorian Silver & Enamel Mr Jorrock's Cigarette Case

Frederick Edmonds & Edward Johnson, London 1889
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An extremely rare Victorian silver and enamel Cigarette Case of curved rounded rectangular form with push-button sprung opening mechanism. The cover enamelled with a depiction of Mr Jorrock's at the Handley Cross fancy ball (after the original John Leech illustration for Robert Surtees book - ""Handley Cross, or Mr Jorrock's Hunt""). The silver gilt interior with two sprung hinged retaining arms. The end of the case engraved - The Handley Cross Fancy Ball.

By Frederick Edmonds & Edward Johnson, London, 1889.

One of a series of silver and enamel Cigarette & Vesta Cases produced by Thomas Johnson & Frederick Edmonds & Edward Johnson in 1889/90 of which only two Cigarette and seven Vesta Cases are currently known.

Sold - £2,250.00

In fine condition with no damage, very minor enamel loss to Mr Jorrock's right hand.
84 mm (3.31 inches)
60 mm (2.36 inches)
15 mm (0.59 inches)
102.00 Grams (3.28 troy ounces)
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Silver & Enamel
In 1843, Robert Surtees, a country squire, turned lawyer, turned writer, penned a novel Handley Cross, or Mr. Jorrock’s Hunt, that chronicles the adventures of John Jorrocks, an eccentric grocer who became the Master of Fox Hounds. The novel has become known as the classic comic fox hunting book and the illustrations by John Leech, in the 1854 edition, have been recognized as one of the most delightful of the genre.