Christmas Card
To all our Friends and Clients.
A very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Thank you for your custom in 2018, we hope to be able to be of service again in 2019.

"Christmas Quiz"

Who do these Crests or Coats of Arms belong to...?

I have always been fascinated by heraldry on silver. I think it adds so much to a piece to be able to ascertain who the original owner was, or at least trace the family or organisation that it belonged to. Engraved or cast crests or Coats of Arms on antique silver sometimes allow us to do this. Illustrated below are 12 heraldic achievements from pieces of stock that have passed through our hands that I was able to put a name to. All of these items can be viewed in the 'Archive' of sold items on the web site. I would like the name of the person, family or organisation  that the crests or Coats of Arms belong to (as per the attributions given in the archive) and the first three correct answers will receive a classic Christmas Pudding to enjoy over the festive period courtesy of SHFA.

                                   1.                                                                  2.
                                  3.                                                                    4.

                                   5.                                                                  6.

                                  7.                                                                  8.

                                 9.                                                                  10.

                               11.                                                                  12.
"Merry Christmas!"


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