Steppes Hill Farm Antiques Newsletter #35 - July 2014

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Often cut from relatively thin sheet silver, but exhibiting a particular style and elegance, Wine Labels produced by the silversmiths of the Emerald Isle are some of my favourites. They created quite distinctive designs which probably reached their peak during the neo-classical period from about 1780-1810. Bright-cut engraving and piercing were skills that the Irish smiths excelled at and the decorative borders seen on Irish labels are quite distinctive. I can offer a nice little selection currently in stock including two Provincial examples assayed in Cork:-
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This month’s featured item is a fine and rare Victorian silver and enamel Vesta Case of Sentry Box form, the hinged peaked lid with attached suspension ring, the face enamelled with a trooper from The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, (a previously unrecorded regiment on these Sentry Box Vesta Cases). The cover stamped with the Registration Number 38283. The reverse of the case engraved - "For Auld Lang Syne"..

By Sampson Mordan, London 1887. Marked on lid and body.

This is one from a series of silver and enamel Vesta Cases depicting 'Soldiers of the Queen' produced by Mordan around the time of Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887. It was originally thought that the Sentry Box Vesta was limited to a series of perhaps 10 or 12 different examples made specifically for the Jubilee. Around 25 plus different Regiments have now been recorded.

The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Early 20th Century Edward Prince of Wales Royal Presentation Silver Vesta Case Dr Wall Worcester Convolvulus Pattern Chelsea Ewer Edwardian Novelty Silver Goat & Cart Pin Cushion Chelsea Raised Anchor Octagonal Saucer "The Ox and Toad Fable"
Edwardian Novelty Antique Silver Pig Pepper Victorian Engraved Silver Card Case Osborne House & Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert Wine & Sauce Label Category Caddy Spoon Category

I am pleased to be able to update the site this month with over 70 new items of stock and some highlights include a Royal Presentation Vesta Case, a rare Dr Wall Worcester Convolvulus Pattern Chelsea Ewer, a Goat & Cart Pin Cushion, a Chelsea Raised Anchor Octagonal Saucer with the fable of the Ox and the Toad, a Victorian Novelty Silver Pig Pepper, a rare Victorian engraved silver Card Case depicting Osborne House and the Royal Yacht, plus some new additions to the Wine & Sauce Label Category and the Caddy Spoon Category.

I do hope that you will find this Newsletter informative and helpful and will allow us send it to you on a regular basis. I would welcome any feedback you may have, both positive and negative.

David W.A. Buck.
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