Steppes Hill Farm Antiques Newsletter #4 - September 2011
It is good to be able to report that with the August holiday period now behind us September has seen an upturn in the antiques business with things starting to move again in London and several interesting auctions coming up around the country. It is also great to be able to inform you that our Selling Exhibition at Godmersham Park in conjunction with my brother Christopher on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August went really well. It was nice to be able to do some business in such pleasant surroundings and thanks to all those who came along to join in the fun.


I am concentrating this month on silver Wine Labels, as I am now pleased to be able to release onto the market the contents of two small private collections of labels that we have been given the privilege of disposing of. The collections were not large, but contain a good cross section of examples dating from the earliest period of Wine Label production c1740, through to the late 19th century. Two of the most collected of Label makers' are strongly represented in Hester Bateman, "Queen of Silversmiths" and Sandilands Drinkwater, the "Grandfather of the Wine Label". There is also a good smattering of Sauce Labels.

This months Featured Item is a rare find indeed, certainly in the pristine condition that they retain, namely a fine set of five George II silver Wine Labels of engraved escutcheon form, incised for Port, Claret, White*Wine, Mountain & Madeira. They carry Sandilands Drinkwater's 2nd mark and the pre 1756 lion passant, dating them somewhere between 1739-1756. Drinkwater is recognised as quite probably the inventor of the engraved escutcheon design. So often with the passing of time the vine leaf and grape decoration on these labels gets worn and "tired", but these are still remarkably crisp.

Another area that collectors of Wine Labels concentrate on is unusual 'Names'. This collection throws up a couple of new and mysterious titles in PASTA, ODV and ODC. What Wines, Spirits or Perfumes these titles refer to is intriguing – answers on a postcard please.

Other recent finds include a fine Dr Wall Worcester blue scale Leaf Dish, a good George II silver Rococo Sauceboat, a lovely little Chelsea Red Anchor Seal and more new additions to our Pens & Pencils Category..

I do hope that you will find this Newsletter informative and helpful and will allow us send it to you on a regular basis. I would welcome any feedback you may have, both positive and negative.

David W.A. Buck.
Steppes Hill Farm Antiques

Set 5 George II Antique Silver Escutcheon Wine Labels
A very fine and rare set of five George II silver Wine Labels of engraved escutcheon form, decorated with vine leaves and grapes on a matt background, incised for Port, Claret, White * Wine, Mountain and Madeira.
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