Antique Silver

Here at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques we specialise in some of the highest quality antique silver collectables in the UK. Our focus is on the smaller, more collectable antique English silver pieces, which reflect the grandeur of larger silver items without the extravagant prices; examples include napkin rings, boxes, bookmarks, caddy spoons, card cases, vinaigrettes, vesta cases, writing equipment, pincushions and wine labels. We also have a range of high-quality Scottish and Irish silver collectables for sale. Our products originate from a number of historical time periods, from the Georgian and Victorian eras onwards into the early twentieth century. Our antique silver collectables make excellent gifts or additions to an existing antiques collection. We try to sell only the best of quality and consider condition of paramount importance, and with over fifty years’ experience in the antiques business, we are glad to offer our advice on the purchasing and collecting of any of our items. Please feel free to contact us here at the farm or via the web site.

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Most Recent
William Soame, London c1740
John Gorham, London c1750
Elizabeth Jackson, London c1755
John Lampfert, London 1749
William Summer I & Richard Crosley, London c1775
James Wilks, London c1750
Samuel Whitford, London c1765
Gourdel Vales, & Co, Birmingham 1903
Thomas Wallis, London c1760
William Thorneycroft, Birmingham 1901
Marmaduke Daintrey, London c1750
William Eley, London 1802
John Teare, Dublin c1800
William Neale & Son, Birmingham 1887
Peter & Ann Bateman, London 1792
Edward Bayley, London c1745
George Wintle, London c1790
John Wren II, London c1777
David Pettifer, Birmingham 1852
David Pettifer, Birmingham 1858
Saunders & Shepherd, Birmingham 1890
Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1905
Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1847
Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1895
Jane Brownett, London 1882
H J Lias & J Wakely, London 1880
Thomas Eustace, Exeter c1780
Bernard Instone, Birmingham 1927
Omar Ramsden, London 1925
Sampson Mordan, Chester 1904
Crouch & Hannam, London 1781
The Guild of Handicrafts, London 1933
Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1845
Thomas Johnson, London 1878
John Harvey I, London c1739
John Reily, London 1801
Sandilands Drinkwater, London c1750
Henry William Dee, London 1872
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd 1905
Liberty & Co, Birmingham c1900
William Pugh, Birmingham 1809
Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1817
Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1812
The Thomae Company, Massachusetts c1932
Garrard & Co, Birmingham 1982
Josiah Snatt, Birmingham 1804
Taylor & Perry, Birmingham 1832
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